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As a certified Hot Dog Critic and Vienna-trained encased sausage expert I maintain a high degree of professionalism and integrity. Although I may be sponsored or endorsed directly or inderectly by some subjects of my reviews, I always remain purely unbiased.

Undercover Reviews

My visits are unannounced and usually unplanned. I go wherever the road takes me, often reviewing hot dogs on the spur of a moment at a random location..

Honest Opinions

I'm not reviewing the hot dog, but the experience of the hot dog. The environment and the expectation are part of my criteria as much as the dog itself.

Positive Attitude

There's no reason to be too serious when doing my reviews.  A day with hot dogs means the fun is not far away, so I always try to reflect that in my work.

Hittin' the Road

I don't think it's possible to review every hot dog joint in America, but I'm willing to give it a try... and I don't mind driving thousands of miles to make it happen!

Usually Not Toothless

Sometimes a lack of teeth can really interfere with my work. But rest assured that if I have a loose tooth when you need me I'm ready to rip it out and git 'er done.

No Dog Too Far

If you need a hot dog reviewed in a remote destination I'm your guy.  Planes, trains or boats... no job is too far if there's a great hot dog waiting for me when I arrive.

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Undercover Hot Dog Reviews

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Scooby's Hot Dogs in West Chicago, IL

This dog actually left me speechless! That's hard to do, just ask Daddy. There was so much to look at and the have the world's smallest drive-thru too. PInball, Chexx hockey, free temporary tattoos and bumper stickers... I could have spent a lot more time! Can't wait to go back. Worth the drive!


Original Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago, IL

Yes, they have a hot dog!  It's not just "doubla cheese" here, but be prepared when you place your order! This is where John Belushi got the inspiration for his SNL sketch. Could you imagine if it was about hot dogs instead? Maybe not.


Dockside Diner Footlong at Disneyworld Hollywood Studios 

This massive log of a hot dog might be one of the best values in food anywhere in Disneyworld!  Comes with pulled pork, cole slaw and chips.  But you might need help carrying it to your table.  Remember to lift with your knees!


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